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Bar Pastry – Artisan production

pasticceria da bar all'ingrosso

Production of Bar Pastry

The bar sweets of the Pasticceria Augustea are fragrant and come in the most varied shapes and tastes. Our production is daily and of high quality.

Below is a rundown of some of our creations.

Also available are:
Fresh tarts, filled with ricotta and drops, pistachio cream, cream and apples, cream and berries, hazelnut, grandma (100 g per piece).
Dried tartlets, stuffed with
plum, apricot, red fruit and chocolate jams (100 g per piece).


Glazed or dusted bull’s eyes

Tiny fans

Tozzetti with almonds
Pack of 200gr

White wine Donuts
Pack of 200gr

Tartlets with butter shortcrust pastry and apricot jam
Pack of 60gr

our artisan pastry shop also produces:

wholesale biscuits  |  wholesale tarts

Bar pastry shop: sale of artisan sweets

Wide assortment of bar pastries and sweets wholesale

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