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Wholesale biscuits – Artisanal production

ingrosso biscotti

Production of wholesale biscuits

The artisanal biscuits of Pasticceria Augustea are fragrant and have the most varied shapes and tastes. Our production is daily and of high quality. We delight the palate of our customers with chocolate, jam, grains, powdered sugar and cinnamon.

Below is a rundown of some of our creations. All our wholesale biscuits are available starting from 1kg.


Horseshoes with chocolate drops

Cat’s tongues

Bull’s eyes

Whole bull’s eyes

Ginger and cinnamon cookies

Mixed little hearts

Tiny boats with Nocciolata and white chocolate with lemon

Mixed tarts

Tartlets with cereals



Coffee and barley leaves

Tea biscuits

Coconut squares


Nonni with chocolate

Mixed daisies

Corn flakes biscuits

Little fans

Mixed poinsettias

Tiny Mushrooms

Puff pastry rolls

Puff pastry croissants

Puff pastry handkerchiefs

Butterflies with jam

Hazelnut tartlets and white chocolate with lemon


Fagottini with cereals

Corn Flakes with jams

Chocolate Micky Mouse

Tarts with cocoa and jam

Almond morsels

Chunks of almond with jam

Chocolate cones

Glazed little men

Apple mini strudel

Tricolor horseshoes

Italian stars

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Wholesale biscuits: sale of artisan biscuits

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