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Wholesale bundt cake – Artisan production

ciambelloni all'ingrosso

Wholesale production of bundt cake

The artisanal bundt cake of the Pasticceria Augustea are crumbly and with the most varied tastes. Our production is daily and of high quality.
We delight the palate of our customers with chocolate, grains, icing, icing sugar and cinnamon.

Below is a rundown of some of our creations. All our wholesale bundt cake are available in 2kg and 1 / 2Kg.

Bundt cake with oranges

Apple Bundt cake

Yogurt Bundt cake

Two-colored Bundt cake, vanilla and chocolate

Wholemeal Bundt cake

1/2 kilo two-tone, vanilla and chocolate Bundt cake

Vanilla Bundt cake

Bundt cake with apples, nuts and raisins

Pistachio Bundt cake

Pineapple Bundt cake

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Wholesale Bundt cakes: sale of handcrafted Bundt cakes

Wide assortment of artisan Bundt cakes and sweets wholesale

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