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Wholesale confectionery – services for confectionery wholesalers and large distribution

Wholesale confectionery services for wholesalers

Wholesale confectionery for wholesalers

Over the years, Pasticceria Augustea has become a reference point for the wholesale supply of pastry for confectionery wholesalers and large distribution. Proud of our tradition, which prefers an artisan approach in the preparation of baked desserts, we respond to the needs of wholesalers, hypermarkets, supermarkets and businesses wishing to retail pastry products.

The confectionery production of our wholesale pastry shop is of high quality. We ensure craftsmanship in the realization of our creations. Our qualified and experienced staff will dedicate themselves to every single confectionery product, selecting the freshest and most genuine ingredients for a combination of scents, fragrance and originality.

All confectionery production for wholesalers is guaranteed by the passion and experience that accompanies Augustea, the wholesale pastry shop for over 30 years.

Wholesale and supply of baked sweets

The strength of the wholesale production of Pasticceria Augustea is the guarantee of a fresh and artisanal product, dedicated to confectionery wholesalers, supermarkets and hypermarkets. The attention to processing and the meticulous choice of ingredients ensures the authenticity and freshness of the entire assortment of our wholesale pastry shop.

It is possible to order the desired quantities of our products, by contacting directly the offices of our confectionery wholesaler: biscuits, Bundt cakes, pies and small baked goods. Relying on Pasticceria Augustea means having the guarantee of offering customers in hypermarkets and large-scale retail outlets a unique, genuine and artisanal product.

If you are a confectionery wholesaler or distributor and want to receive more information on our confectionery production, on the wholesale pastry price list, on the ingredients or on shipping, please contact us by phone on +39 06 4544 4879, or you can request information at the bottom of this page , by clicking the “CONTACT US” button.

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Wholesale confectionery services for wholesalers

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